Frezyderm Nipple Care Cream-Gel 40 ml

Frezyderm Nipple Care Cream-Gel 40 ml

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Moisturizing cream for nipple care and protection. Prepares the nipples and keeps them soft so they can get easier and painless breastfeeding.

It has anti-irritant and soothing effect, moisturizes and strengthens the microcirculation of the area and keeps the skin of the teat elastic and durable.

It is a completely safe product without causing allergies. It does not alter the infant's natural feeling of the nipple.

    Special toxicological safety test
    Dermatologically tested

Instructions for use:

Pregnancy: From the 4th month, it spreads to clean skin 2 times a day

Breastfeeding: After each breastfeeding, let the nipples naturally dry and spread the cream with slight motions. No rinse is required for the next breastfeeding


Chamomile extract Calendula: Soothing action Reduce irritation
Centella, Glycyrriza, Oryza: Improvement of skin resistance | Hydration

Volume: 40ml

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